Friday, February 20, 2009

Words for collage pieces

I'm working on the blue and yellow collage pieces this weekend. I aiming to finished three blue and three yellow. I've done a yellow and blue piece each so far this morning. I really like doing these pieces.

I'm really into the new assemblages I've been doing, so I'm going to take 3 yellow, 3 blue & 3 red and do some more. (See above)

I've been so fucking busy at my day job, s0 I'm drawing these on my bed , I'm too tired to move much today

Words for Red Collage Pieces (see above image)

The Beginning

Dark creative passion

Day One

Wrong Body

Day Two

Black Reflection

Day Three

Alone we can do this together

Day Four

Growing reflection

Day Five

Is your heart working?

Day Six

Dreaming the same dream

Day Seven
Smile while it’s melting

Day Eight

Belief without fear

Words for Blue Collage Pieces

Week One
Take me how you find me, I’m nothing you’ve known before. I’m so much more than you expected, well, can something unseen and inexplicable be expected? Perhaps anticipated? It’s complex and deep and not really dumb enough to fit in comfortably to the everyday. Is there too much to explain? Is there too much to forget?

Week Two
We live in the place where nonsense becomes reason and we smile as the changing irrationality fill ours minds then falls heavily at our feet. It is all too hard to explain, this world is not for the faint hearted. Brave.

Week Three

Inside your breath there lies a sweetly concentrated power which only reveals itself inside your slow pain-filled grin. But it’s grip overtakes you and then we are no longer alone. You don’t know where you are but you are safe.

Week Four
When you look through this window lost parts are found. when you smash through the window the sharp jagged glass will open your veins. Bloody essences will flow slowly entangling our creative finger tips. The door will always remain ajar for you.

Week Five
Inside the panting breaths lies soul rhythms which lock firm into the patterns of our lives. These must change. Like a kaleidoscope, shake the fuck, shake it good, keep trying all the patterns till you find one which works.

Week Six
The heart is fuzzy and warm on the inside, sweetly beating in time with yours. Slowly as the bloody essences flowing across my palm, entangle my fingertips I will my painted love palms to your sweet face.

Week Seven
Gurgling as you lie still on your back, you have not lost this game, you are still and hopeless because your just not seeing it correctly. to find the correct pattern look backwards and straight down inside. Hate really does blind you.

Week Eight
Backwards, into mud and confusion, you will tumble down the lost path. Nose sniffing for love’s slight breath. Tumbling, eyes squeezed shut, hands feeling your way you have traveled, you crawl. It’s not behind you. It’s not behind you.

Week Nine
Forward, along the way, I have finished wandering, I'm done with the questions so I’m still and quiet. My heart bubbles with colour and beats red with love. Your essence is carved onto it. I will sit this way forever, I will bubble colour across your grey.

Words for Yellow Collage Pieces

Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four

Year Five

Year Six

Year Seven

Year Eight

Year Nine


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