Sunday, February 15, 2009


I did this piece on the weekend. I really like this assemblage, it's 4 really old landscapes in oil pastel, with another old abstract piece and two the the ghost paintings with the nine collage pieces I've been working with laid over the top. I started nine collages pieces in blue and yellow and I think I will probably put the landscapes, ghosts etc together again with the new blue and yellow pieces. anyway...we'll see what happens.

Semester started for me again today, and even though I'm study at Graduate level, we had lecture & tutorial. First one I've done for a while. But it was still just as I was hard to stay awake, art history lectures are always held in a dark hall with lots of art slides to look are we supposed to stay awake. I was very dozy towards the end.

Best comment in the lecture was a description of the majority of art works in modern art museums as being"wallpaper for the rich and famous"...very funny and very true. And the best art work was always found in non commerical artist run spaces...this is also very true. Last time I did the round of commerical art galleries in Melbourne I was bored to death and really pissed they had nothing to offer but convention, dull, safe pieces of work. I'm assuming most rich people must like safe pieces?? maybe they should buy from the artist run sapce instead.

I really would rather work a day job for cash than create pieces of art that are lacking so much. Rarely do you find an artist who can cross that commercial barrier and still do art that says something...good art should always push you out of your comfort zone, it's not much good if it doesn't. Experimentation & straying from the known is scary but it's where my best work comes from.
So enough ranting...I've been working in the office since 7.30am, it's been a long day and I'm tired

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