Sunday, February 8, 2009


I’m struggling to get my brain back into day job mode. I’m finding it so hard this morning. I so very annoyed with everything. I’m in such a bad mood, I really need a day to reflect on what I created this weekend, they were only a few small pieces but they have opened two new directions. The black piece is a new style of window, which is really significant; it’s a window with most of its colour removed. It’s a big leap for that series. Huge.
Doing art on that level makes me work on an intensely powerful creative level and I’m having trouble turning it off. I had bizarre dreams all night and slept really badly because of it. Normally, artists get to take it easy after these sorts of creative sessions, really, having work a day job straight after sucks. I need time to process and turn off that level of creativity, not be a desk dealing with all the stuff I have to do. It’s really hard and it hurts…

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