Sunday, February 8, 2009


You sit- inside
and I fall ever towards you

In time and deep down within your heart feels such a fast loss
I never really knew this was mine
-Did you?

I will not suffer
and I will take myself- freed
but I'll fall ever towards you

Lost yet still looking in lasting intensity
builds right through this lost way and far beyond what others see to be fit and true-
Still looking can you see?

I’ve gone- inside
To fall ever towards you
I still cannot see
and I never do hear
I just fall ever towards you

In your last lost darkened
in deep time you pledged your very heart
promising never to leave your lighted soul
to stay within your straying mind
- do you always?

I fight – inside
Fall ever towards you
Leaving it all behind

and promising me the new
I fall ever towards you- still

Virtue Fern
14th June 2003

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