Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I want to live in St Kilda

Day job work has gone just too busy at the moment...I'm so very tired. I'm off work tomorrow and I'm staying close to home, there's a possible fire threat coming from Daylesford, which not far away.
With all this fire threat and traveling to Melbourne every day I think I'll move back to Melb in next six months or so. I want to live in St Kilda, I can run on the beach and dodge the syringes, and it would take 20 mins to get to work. It beats the shit out of boring Ballarat. I'm really over the place.
Even though it's heating up again, I'm planning to work on art for the next three days. I've got Repetitions to finish and some exhibition proposals to get in. And a group exhibition to do a piece for... I'm only ever really myself and truely confortable when I creating work. The rest of it's a sham.

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