Saturday, February 28, 2009

Muse and Mess

I've started a new art piece... i wasn't expecting to work on this series...I am wreckage hear me roar series...I had planned to do some other pieces but this piece just forced itself on me...and now I'm realising's so instinctual and it's fucking great...and when I paint like this I feel so out of control..I love it and hate it at the same time as it's intense creativity....I'm half way through and I forced myself to stop because I was too tired to complete without compromising it's standard...honestly, it has taken this series to a new level...I'm really pleased with's the result of my muse leaving town, he should do it more often...but the downside is the art is making me feel so restless and I'm full of this inexplicable inner pressure which is the second part of the paintng I expect...I want to finish it but I'm not going to...I need to rest before I do...this is the nasty part of creativity...restlessness and pressure form the inside... I jus want to will help me do that

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