Tuesday, February 17, 2009



Sit sideways still
a sideways glance

Wildness mists round the shining white edges

If you could see far past what you believe what you could see no one would believe that inside your longing heart sat the vision confused

And if I glance
I will steal your soul
from it’s center

If you could see past what you believe then your deep dark heart could function beyond

Two pools that reach backwards
into that long gone
that you do not portray
that you will never show

What if you could see far past-with a piece of deep dark heart that has no center but still beats

You liberate
while all the time
you dismiss repulse destroy me

Wildness mist around the shining white edges
heart in your own hands

Within the single heart beat if you could see past
this vision confused

From the Vision poetry series
Virtue Fern

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