Friday, March 27, 2009

running list

Apart form having to do one days work on Tuesday, I'm on holidays until the 20th April.

So heres' the list of art stuff I have to attempt to get done.

Finish the following pieces:

I am wreckage here me roar No 5
The rework of No 4
Finish the collage pieces for the new repetitions.

Photograph this series and submit them for possible group show and solo's.

Go on a new gallery hunt...I need to do some shows..the years half over and I haven't done any, nor have I entered any art prizes. Maybe look into organising my own group show.

Figure out whether I do this TV appearance, I guess I should just see what these people have to say.

Created 3 new windows for repetitions
Redo the first Nine in a line...I'm not happy with the canvas it went onto, it blocked before I could finish it...I lost the creative flow which means it's not right...It needed to be on paper in acrylic. It's a much faster painted and keep the energy of a painting flowing. So I need to rewrite and draw up the nine new pieces them extend these by putting the on a 2 metre piece of paper. They will hang vertically down the wall.

I want to create a writing site of some sort, I written some nuch poetry and prose and I sit's in studio doing nothing. It needs to be online...

This is all I can thnk of at the moment...Better get to work

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