Monday, March 23, 2009

I am wreckage hear me roar no 5 cont...

Another session on this painting, it is going really well. It's not as draining as when I started it, which usually happens.
This first painting session of any expressionistic piece usually hurts, I think It's because it so spontaneous, it all coming from a subconscious source, it gets really intense. But as the work progresses it gets easier, Logic and reason creep in. So I'm starting to enjoy working this one. I really happy with it. Both No 4 and No 5 took a huge leap forward.

I feel like my art is developing so well at the moment, the inspiration form my muse has stirred it up to this level of development. It's all working really well. I've got almost 3 weeks off from my day job soon. Fusk I hate having to work sometimes, I'd much rather be in the studio,

I'm looking to repeat some pieces.
Namely this first series of Nine in a Line. I'm going to do two things.
Firstly, connect these pieces more directly with the muse who inspires them, do something more 'purpose built'.
Secondly, as these are made of up of nine small pieces, ( indulging my addiction to things in groups of nine), these will go onto a large piece of paper, around 2 metres long, which will hang down the wall, I've been wanting to do this scroll like piece for a year or two now.

The original nine pieces in this series were put onto a large canvas, set in an oil painting but it didn't work, it's blocked. Just the other day I realised it need to be on paper.
Paper and acrylic is a faster paint, oil you have to wait for days for it to dry, and this is the problem, I lost momonetum painting it in oil paint.

Can't wait to get into the studio full time for a few weeks

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