Saturday, March 14, 2009

I am wreckage hear me roar no 5 cont...

No 1 top left...No 2 bottom left...No 3 bottom right...No 4 top right

In the studio...I've got the 4 of them on the wall and a 2 metre x 1 metre piece of paper laying on the floor ready to paint No 5. Just before I let it go I want to write a bit about the these four. The interesting thing is No 2 and 3 seem to have lost energy, they are quieter paintings, they don't have the tangling paint and movement that No 1 and 4 do. I'm thinking these two may also have to be reworked.
I'm still so happy with No 4, It's really developed the series which is making 2 and 3 look like they are now lacking....Anyway...time to paint this monster....

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