Monday, March 16, 2009

I am wreckage hear me roar no 5 cont...

So I got this fully blocked out today and made a start on he ink work. I'm happy thus far.

I went to my art history class at the Victorian Collage of the Arts this morning. The VCA always pushes me to my limits. I was told today that art is not about self expression. This blows the shit out of the above wreckage series which is all about self exploration and the expression of of my shitty childhood hangups, well, mainly about this.
No, according to the VCA experts, art is about what contemporary language is being used at the moment in importatnt art, what ever that it. I know about comtemporary art and I do take this language into account but when I go to these "in" galleries and look at this contemporary art, I am truely bored. It's dead, it's lifeless and it's dull, dull, dull. Well 90% of it. There are some glimmers of good art which can hold my attention. And you know what type of pieces they are, one's that have a true sense of the artist in them, one's with a true personal style, and an artist included in the piece. These show true talent, no true giftedness. The artist has ignored the contemporary and did what they wanted.

I have always known that good art is created when you do what you want to do and not what you should do.

Since my twenties I have always dreamed of studying at the VCA, It's one of the best art schools, and I actually am and at a gradute level, sometimes I still feel like pinching myself.
I can't believe I'm arguing with them....

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