Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's nearly over!!

I've almost finished I am wreckage hear me roar No 5.

Thin gs to remember for No 6...Do a smaller version! I tell you 2 metres by 1 metre and it's sch an intense painting experience, he wreckage paintings always are..What was I thinking?
I'm really causing myself harm here, this bloody paintings hurting like all hell. Next one is going to have to be smaller (she says as she orders another huge piece of paper)
Can't help myself.

When I study this painting I go from thinking it's a beautiful piece of work to finding it repulsive. This is a good painting when you not sure which end of the poles it's sitting at. It's expressing both at the same time. It find of full of that opposing energy but it's a single entity.

Shit, I'm sounding like a hippy.

But, it's wine o'clock now.
I've got to work at my day job tomorrow but I'm coming back to the studio so I can finish this piece Wednesday. There's definitely only one days work left in it now.

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