Friday, May 29, 2009

Things to do

The list of deadlines or need to do very soon.

*edit, rework & produce a poetry book with all the poems I've written over the last 15 yrs. To sell at art shows
*send off selected images to three galleries for either small solos/ group shows/art fair
* write up three larger solo show proposals by next week.
* do another location photo shoot for art in cemeteries, one of the above solo shows.
*reshoot about ten of so piece of art for all these proposals
*reorganise all my art images on a new online art sales gallery. Including readjusting all the file sizes...YUK!
* finish 8 repetitions, 4 wreckages paintings
* stay sane
*still keep up a full time office job


  1. hey there,
    must be the week for it...i've just written my business plan...found a great site called artrapreneur (or something like that!) and it went through the steps for making a plan. I like your blog...good to know others are walking a similar path ;)

  2. I'll have a look for that artapraneur site, sounds good , glad you like the blog..Cheers