Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Predicting people again.

It occurred again today, I dreamt all night about someone and the next day this person appeared in my life unexpectedly. OK, this is a regular occurrence for me. Dream it and it happens, although not every dream does this. Probably about one in every fortnight does. It makes me wonder why my mind does this? It seems to working in a non temporal manner, it gets time backwards. Mostly, when I dream something, then it happens the next day, it’s not really a significant event, it doesn’t really have a deeper meaning, I’ve predicted some really stupid stuff in my dreams.

E.g. I once dreamt I could see this strange blue water behind glass, I had no idea what it was. The very next day I walked into a room and was face to face with a fish tank that has a light that made the water exact blue. It’s like my mind just got the time round the wrong way but what a stupid thing to predict.

Although this still doesn’t explain how I can sometimes know what people are thinking, I don’t think I can explain this at all. I do wish I could harness this ability but I can’t control it at all. And when I try to do it I can’t. I really think it just comes with my creativity, my creative mind is very unique and weird thing, compared to the way I think on an everyday level.

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