Sunday, May 10, 2009

My weird creative art world.

My art’s become very troublesome again. The more significant each piece gets the more it takes on a life force of it’s own and produces work that predicts events or produces some fairly weird telepathic moments or synchronizes with other peoples art or make statements I don’t really want to before I’m aware of the situation I’m commenting on. It drives me crazy and I can’t really control it or turn it off.

I know it’s part of an intense creative world, one many artists talk about, which at least makes me feel I’m not on my own with this. My creativity opens this world up to me and the bigger the painting the more it opens up.
The problem is this isn’t a temporal world. That’s the real problem, as far as I can figure, it does and says things before they are due. It scares the shit out of me and it has done it again. I’m not going into the details but my art made a statement about a situation I knew nothing about at the time of creating it and had I known, I would not have said it.

My art needs to explore this creative world it is the cornerstone of my art practice. I go along for the ride, it’s the way I create significant, multi layered art pieces. But then it catches me out. I remember once when I whole room of people fell silent, because I walked in with a finished piece of art that was in a brief they wanted me to do, the problem was they had not given me the brief yet, and I had no idea it was getting a brief. It was really horrible. My creativity gets it all backwards. It does and says things before they are due.

The piece of work causing the problems this time, is the Red Repetition of the triptych. The blue and yellow pieces are currently in work. I’m going to finish these, and leave them going in this same direction as the red piece as they are mostly done. I already have an idea for the next repetition in this series, but this time, I’ll be focusing a very different subject matter in vasty different direction. No more musing, it just gets far too strange and when my own art work begins to frighten me, I need to focus on other creative directions. I’m developing two others so it's not a problem.

Still, I’m surprised the Repetitions did this, I was just saying to a colleague how logical and easy the pieces were to creative, especially in comparison to the “wreckage “ series. How wrong was I? 

You can see these pieces on my flickr to the left

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