Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tonight's Rant

I’ve been a bad mood all day because I’ve had dealings in the Melbourne art scene this week and it’s got to me again. I really try very hard not to let these people make so angry. But they do. Oh God they do.
Why do these art people have to be so unprofessional? Why do they think they have the right to take such a nasty and rude attitude with me? And this was just the admin staff. We create the paintings/art that allow them to have fucking stupid jobs in this industry and without us they would more than likely be working in a supermarket. I really deserve a little more respect and I want to be treated in a professional manner. She was such an vain bitch, it was unbelievable. This lot wouldn’t know professional if it ran over them.

I had dealings with these so called art professionals last year. I had a nightmare meeting with them and it was one of the worst I have ever had to endure. One woman sat doodling on her note pad with a glazed look in her eyes while the other guy gave me a lecture on all the other brilliant artists he could think (most of which were popular and very conservative rather than brilliant) and taking almost zilch notice of my work. He gave me a lecture about correct art storage/transport as apparently I was not transporting my work properly. And finished in a patronizing tone reminding me that even if they decided not to proceed with my work I should always remember I was still an artist. Fucking tool. I was hardly going to be crushed and give up my art practice because of him, what an ego. Most professional artist’s are very used to knock backs, it part of a normal art practice, 20-30 knocks before you get a gig is quite normal even for the talented, it’s the way the system works.

At one point I almost just got up and walked out but I didn’t want to play into their stupid little game so I stuck it out. Worst thing is I have to deal with twats again over the next few months and all their immature ego trips. Honestly, not all art people are this bad, there is professional behaviour in the Melbourne art scene, but still, there are many like this. I’ve know artists who have put in art proposals only to have them returned with comments so unnecessarily horrible, things like being told they have no colour sense, suggestions they need art lessons, all sort of crap, these people just love to crush them. And I know quite a few that have stopped painting because of it. This industry seems to attract a significant number of insecure , immature dickheads, desperate for attention with out of control egos.

Any wonder I love showing my art on the internet. Ok, you don’t get to see work “in the flesh” but when I exhibit in galleries I would only have 200 or so people go through. I get that number and more per day online. Along with such encouraging feedback and support. People are nearly always friendly and not full of shit. The internet has such a vibrant art community.

I’m happy showing my art electronically. I hope the internet can really threaten the bastards, next time I deal with these fucking tools, I will be mentioning the numbers of people viewing of my art online, the global presence I’m part of and all the wonderful feedback I get. What can they offer? Two hundred people, high commissions, gallery charges and a pretentious opening in one city. Hopefully, it will make them feel inadequate. Two can play at this game.

And there ends tonight’s rant, that is much better out than in.


  1. when I read this, I know exactly how you feel, it seems there are art bastard everywhere that think it is ok to shit on the people that actually provide them with a living
    fucking assholes!
    you walk in to galleries here in Hobart all manned by airhead dollybirds that don't know the difference between and oil painting and a sculpture.
    They get these job because they can smile sweetly and flirt the money out of all the old tourists that visit the galleries.
    But what makes it worse here in Tassie is that the Artists will not help each other it seems as though they think that if they help another that they might miss out in some way ,I am afraid that I am not the only one here that has noticed this here ,it make it very hard to really get anywhere in the art scene unless your blowing someone !!
    I hope my little pissed off rant made you feel a little less alone!

  2. Oh yes it did, thanks....It's funny, after I wrote this I heard from a gallery owner who wanted some of my work and he was so professional and pleasant so they're not all bad. It's a shame your experiencing problems with other artists. Art's so subjective, galleries, prizes etc either like your work or they don't, it's not really abut missing out or how good you are, it's about whether they like what YOU do individually. Those other artists should remember that. I've got a studio in a complex and everyone there is great, friendly and helpful. I'm lucky, I hope you find some artistic support, you really need it in this tough business. cheers Virtue