Saturday, May 16, 2009

This is the plan!

This first piece in the Repetition Triptych series and show. (This may eventually be called the Repetition Game Series, I'm still thinking about it)

There are nine pieces similar the image above.
There are 3 red, 3 yellow, & 3 blue repetitions representing the primary colours.
Each Repetition has, nine round collage pieces.
The collages pieces are numbered 1 -9 and have lines of poetry or prose written by myself.
Each set of 9 collages pieces are named; the seconds, minutes, hours, days ,weeks, months, years decades, & centuries.
The ink work between the collage pieces and coloured squares is repetitious but draw by hand.

Multiple Hangs
1 The temporal order hang: Pieces are hung in order of of seconds to centuries
2 The primary order hang: Pieces are hung in a sequence of red, yellow, & blue x 3
3 The primary order hang 2: Pieces are hung 3 red, 3 yellow, & 3 blue.

What does this do? It produces different narrative flow in the written elements of the works, catapults the colours to produce new ways to interpret this series. Each hang should create a new narrative and new colour interpretation. I'm planning to exhibit this show over three weeks and change the hang every week. I'm really interested in art in exhibition spaces that are not static and not completely still. I like the way this show can be viewed 3 different ways.

Analysis, meaning and ideas about content

Non-organic, bio-morphic with movable parts.
Uniform & repetitious juxtapositioned against the unique and the original.
The repetitious elements become more expected and familiar as they repeat, which make the unique & original expressions even more specialized and out standing.
The act of repeating is an attempt to industrialize, to make the work mechanical, but at the same time it automatically suggests an endlessness, the eternal, and a universality.
The human, the man made and all industrialized human activity within the endless, eternal, ongoing state of nature.
The repetitions mirror nature's repetitive creations- we are all the same structure, body parts, & beings, but we are, at the time, individual, unique, and original.
Words are the voices and the vulnerabilities of the human condition and the human struggle.
So it becomes the mechanics of life in a universal endless flow where every body just goes on talking as time passes.
This series is a Neo Romantic vocal abstraction.


Seconds (red)

One second...Discouraged by the sycophantic

Two seconds...Disillusioned by the lack of imagination
Three seconds...Frozen by the predictability
Four seconds...Repelled by the mindlessness
Five seconds...Dismayed by the blind devotion
Six seconds....Concerned by the lack of critique
Seven seconds...Sickened by the hype
Eight seconds...Unable to reach through to the art
Nine seconds...Who knew perfection had a time limit?

Minutes (yellow)
Minute one...A study in devotion
Minute two...Completely devoted
Minute three...Part-time devotion
Minute four...Physically devoted
Minute five...Occasionally devoted
Minute six...Intermittently devoted
Minute seven...Paradoxically devoted
Minute eight...Obsessively devoted
Minute nine...Not devoted in the slightest

Hours (blue)
Still to be written

Days (red)
Pictured above
The beginning...Dark creative passion
Day one...Black reflection
Day two...Wrong body

Day three....Alone we can do this together
Day four...Surging perfection
Day five...Dreaming the same dream
Day six...Is your heart working?
Day seven...Smile while its melting
Day eight...Belief without fear

Weeks (blue)
Words posted shortly

Months (yellow)
1st month...Adjusted my past attitudes
2nd month...Resigned myself to work hard
3rd month...Realised deep passion was found only in the soul
4th month...Created brand new expectations
5th month...Proved my uniqueness
6th month...Rejuvenated my commitment
7th month...Pressed the repeat button
8th month...Patted myself on the back
9th month...Attempted to wallow in his crap but failed

Years (yellow)
Year one...Surrendered
Year two...Surrendered
Year three...Surrendered
Year four...Acceptance
Year five...Acceptance
Year six...Acceptance
Year seven...Compliance
Year eight...Compliance
Year nine...End

Decades (red)
Words to be written

Centuries (blue)
Word to be written

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