Saturday, June 6, 2009

Should I quit working full time?

I've been really worried lately because my office job contract is up for renewal in 9 months time and with this current recession I've been told that they aren't resigning contracts at the moment. I get paid really well in my current job and so, intially, I was not too happy about this news.

But this morning I woke up with a radical idea in my head. I could move into my studio for a while and therefore afford to be a full time artist again. Granted, I'm going to be broke and sleeping where I work, it will be rough and I have no nice house to go when I'm finished working. But I'm getting so much great feedback about my art and it's all starting to happen for me again.
I really think I need to make the sacrifice. I'm missing too many opportunities because I don't have enough time for art. Ok, I'd be broke again, but I'm used to living like an artist, I've done it many times before and I'm pretty good at living on very little money.

I really need to focus on my art, beside I can always go back to work, it's not going to be a recession forever. Scary thought though, all that nice money I make, gone , but really I think it's the right time to quit full time office work. So I think I will just walk away in 9 months time. It would be absolulte heaven to wake up each day and say what I am going to create today.


  1. hey there:) I have just done exactly what you are talking about...and while it is as scarey at heck, I am loving it and have actually started selling my work. I am finding doors opening for me. I am also so happy to be able to be home for my son. It was making me so sad that he had to go to vacation care etc and while I can afford to put food on the table, all the trimmings will be contingent on me selling my, fancy clothes etc... but I feel alive now...
    all the very best:)

  2. That's great to hear, I'm really thinking I will do it...You are so right..I such a scary move...thanks for the encouragement...Hope you keep selling..cheers Virtue