Sunday, June 7, 2009

I am wreckage hear me roar no 6

The new wreckage piece worked really well this weekend. It's all about energy.
Energy is so vital to creating and I was so full of energy I worked so easily, and so well.

The last studio session my output was amazing, I drew some pieces for the repetitions, worked on the new wreckage piece (3/4 finished) and did a quick preliminary photo shoot. I'll have to re-shoot most of these new pieces but the quick shoot developed the ideas behind the work. The art in cemeteries photo series has now expanded to art on graffiti, doors, and lane ways.

I put some of these new photos on flickr to get feed back, lots of views but not many comments. They're not as popular as the wreckage series, I think they're perhaps a bit weird. Popular is not always good, most of the time it can be down right crap. Perhaps they're a bit to contemporary. Still, I thnk they have such potiental.

Anyway photos of the wreckage piece soon. New preliminary photos on flickr. I'll be puting them up all week after I've processed them in photoshop.

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