Monday, August 17, 2009

why I left my former art studio...

I've spoken on this subject before. The dangers of those inexperienced in the art world, who decide they want to be part of it.
Usually it's because they have money and can own galleries or art studios so they get themselves a stable of artists then proceed to behave like total tools, eventually driving you away.
This is what happened in my former studio, the landlord was a total fool who had some very archaic, stereotypical and false ideas of what artists are really like and, more importantly, what they need in a studio space. They think these kind of people think because they have cash, the buildings etc, they are instantly involved.
This landlord kept hanging around, his first mistake. He keep sticking his nose into everyone's business then gossiping.
Secondly, he really believed that all artist are sex crazy maniac's that will do anyone, anywhere and therefore kept coming on to me. ( he was really creepy)
Thirdly, he rented the studio out to me with 24 hr access and attempted to put my rent up 50% because he said I was using it too much...WTF!! I use the studio all the time because I work a lot you fool!!!

Manallack St Art Studios, can't say I would recommend them. The landlord is the most unprofessional tool I've met in the last few months... But the art world is full of them.

My new studios great's a link to them

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  1. Hi there,
    i've found you thru a link an Snana's blog. I like what i see, great style.
    Good to read your new studio is great. The former landlord sounds creepy indeed. I have the luck that in my town (Arnhem, Holland)the studios are rented by a collective, and at first they're artists as well.

    Sweet greetz from Holland!